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Maintenance & Tune-Ups

Maintaining your home heating equipment, whether it’s fueled by propane or oil, is important for your safety, energy savings, and even your property value!

Annual Heating System Tune-Ups

A tune-up of your heating system each fall can help extend the life of your boiler or furnace. Just like getting your car serviced regularly, routine heating system maintenance helps extend the life of your equipment. A tune-up from a trained and certified Haskins Gas Service technician can help prevent a system breakdown that could result in a heat-out situation and an emergency service call.

Did you know that a tuned heating system can save you up to 10% in fuel usage each year? This means that the cost of our tune-up is at least covered by the efficiency gain of your heating system.

Heating Equipment Repairs

Whether diagnosed during your annual tune-up or unplanned, it’s never convenient for your heating system to malfunction. If a component of your oil-fired or gas-fired heating system needs a repair, we’re here to help.

If you are experiencing a heat-out emergency, call (802) 867-5741 immediately. Otherwise, please contact us to schedule your tune-up or service call.

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